Inspiring Stories

A woman arrived at my office with a challenge.  "If you are so good at this psychic stuff, let's see if you can figure out what kind of problem I have." 

I accepted the challenge and had her lie on the massage table face-up.

I started doing energy cleaning and within a minute some black specks started forming around her right chest wall.

I asked, if she was having breast problems?  If so, is it your right breast? "Yes," she said enthusiastically, "that is why I came in today to see if you could help" and she started telling me her story.

"I have been having breast problems for years.  Every month my right breast and only my right breast swells, becomes very tender and lactates and it has been doing that for years."

"I under go two mammograms every year and I have gone to many doctors and specialists and no one can find the problem."

As she was telling me her story the strange black specks that were flying in a chaotic movement around her right breast started taking shape and suddenly became crystal clear.  So clear that it made my mouth drop open in amazement. 

I started asking her questions to see if what I saw was my imagination or whether it was truly energetic.

"Have you ever had a miscarriage or abortion?" "Yes, a miscarriage 10 years ago and 8 years ago, I had a beautiful healthy baby girl."

"Was the miscarriage a boy?"  "Yes, why?"

Because the problem you have had all these years is linked to the miscarriage.  The spirit of the child that was miscarried does not know he was miscarried and for the past ten years has been coming into your system preparing your body for his new arrival.


Time has no meaning on the other realms, one year or ten years, may only be  one second in the other realms. 

I instructed her how to speak to the spirit baby the next time it appears. To convince it that it cannot be born in your body.  

She agreed and left.

She returned to my office four weeks later with an amazing story. "The spirit baby returned the next Saturday after our session and when it did I had a long talk with it in the manner you described."

"It took two hours, then it left for good.  When it did it took 95% of all the energy in my body.  When that happened I could not move off the bed.  I started channeling Universal Energy as you instructed and a couple of hours later, I totally recovered."

"Since then I have not been bothered by the spirit baby, my breast no longer swells, lactates or gets tender."

I received a call from a friend and physical therapist that needed help with one of her clients.  Her client had been in severe pain for the past 4 years from a car accident. 

She had been test driving a new car when the brakes gave-out and she crashed into another car at a stop light.

As she was telling me her tragic story,  my clairvoyant vision turned on and I started seeing her chakra system.

All of her mini-chakras were tilted causing her pain.

I used my physical hand to straighten and balance the mini-chakras.

To my amazement it worked.  For the rest of the session I balanced her remaining chakras.  

With the time allowed, I moved about 25% of the several hundred chakras that were tilted, then ended the session. When she stood-up, she had an amazed look on her face and said with a shocked voice that she was feeling better, this was the first time in four years. She asked me what happened.

I told her what occurred and to come back tomorrow.  When I returned to my office, I sat in a meditative pose and instantly regressed back in time four years and found myself sitting next to my client seconds before her car wreck.  

It was like watching an action movie on the big screen.  Suddenly, the crash and the movement forwards and backwards but her energy body stayed forwards while her physical body moved backwards.

Her energy body and physical body split which is not a good thing. But I knew what to do.

We met the next day and I was still in tune with her energy system. As she reclined on the massage table, her energy body appeared extremely clear and it was almost 90 degrees out of phase.

I grabbed her energy body head and energetically aligned with the physical body.  I cleaned off the first field. That next second she was totally pain free the first time in four years.

She was thrilled, amazed and shocked that after 4 years she finally found someone that could help.  

Energetic Body

It is another non-invasive way of detecting blocked energy flow and weaknesses in the physical, chemical and energetic systems of the body. Both, muscle testing and/or pendulum detection are correct from 80 to 95% of the time. 

Pendulum Detection

It; is a non-invasive way of detecting blocked energy flow and weaknesses in the physical, chemical and energetic systems of the body.

                                               Muscle testing or Kinesiology

                                       (Namubudripad Allergy Elimination Technique)


Everything is energy - Energy is everything!

Allergies and Dental 

N.A.E.T is a technique that works specifically on the elimination of food and air-born allergies. 

It is believed that energy molecules clog-up the meridians in the body slowing the energetic flow through the organs and endocrine systems causing a multitude of problems throughout the physical body.   

Using a specific stimulation combined with acupressure or acupuncture, allows the targeted allergen to move through the meridian system, and within 24 hours, move out of the body.  After 24 hours the individual is no longer sensitive to the allergen.   

A middle aged woman walked into my office with her two young daughters complaining that both were suffering from allergies.  

Her youngest child, Kathy was having diarrhea on a daily basis and complained of constant stomach pain and discomfort.  Her oldest child, Jane was suffering from swelling on her face and neck. She asked if the N.A.E.T system could possibly help with any of these problems?

I assured her that N.A.E.T would help and possibly eliminate both of her children's suffering.  

After the first treatment, Kathy was significantly better.  She was allergic to two foods that were causing the problem.  After the treatment, her diarrhea and stomach pain went away and never returned.  

The second child was a bit more challenging.  I treated her three times but her face swelling continued to return until the fourth treatment when I found she was highly allergic to Oak.  

Hearing this her mother told me that there was an Oak tree next to their home.  I reinforced the treatment by giving Jane some homeopathic remedies for Oak. As a result, her face swelling disappeared and never returned. 

Two weeks later the Mother called to make an appointment for herself.  

When she arrived, I started doing N.A.E.T treatments on her which made her feel better temporarily.  After the sixth treatment, I found the problem.

One of her back molars was causing the energetic disruption.  

I explained the situation and told her to see a dentist.  Two weeks later she returned having visited four different dentists that took x-rays and could find nothing wrong until the last dentist pulled the tooth.

She brought me the tooth realizing the tooth was the cause of her entire energetic and physical weakness.

Four years ago a dentist recommended she get a root canal.  She agreed and after the procedure she started having gum problems.  

After the root canal, her mouth continued to give her trouble because when the dentist was performing the root canal, part of his instrument broke off in the root of her tooth and the dentist left the piece of broken instrument protruding through the root.

Once the tooth was removed she was 100% better.

You might find the stories below inspiring, magical and some may sound like science fiction, but they are true and they are real!  Something that I have noticed, the more I am in tune with the Universal Mind, the more often miracle healings can happen for my clients.  

It is like stepping into another world, a world of magic, wonder and miracles.  I totally and unequivocally love the work that I do and would consider doing nothing else.

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Spirit Baby

An athletic woman complained of a severely restricted shoulder.

She was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and wanted to avoid surgery. 

I began by using deep myofascial release, structural unwinding and CranioSacral therapy techniques.  By the end of her first session, she had improved range-of-motion of the shoulder.  By the fifth treatment, her shoulder pain had mostly disappeared and her range-of-motion had improved by 95%, but it was not perfect.  

When I re-scanned her system, I learned more information about the connections between the chakra and musculoskeletal systems.  Because of an impairment in her heart chakra, she had persistent subluxation of her vertebrae which contributed to the continued misalignment of her shoulder.  

Once this was addressed, she regained full range-of-motion with cessation in her pain. 

One day a woman came into my office complaining of arm pain.

"I have had arm pain for most of my life. None of the many doctors, specialists and therapists have been able to provide any sustained relief. You probably can't do anything, but would you at least look at my arm?"

As soon as she asked me that question, I saw where her energetic arm had become separated from her physical arm.  I wondered if this was the source of her pain?

In my experience, when the mind's eye of the healer can see the problem clearly on the energetic realm, the patient is in perfect alignment for healing. 

That is exactly what happened.  I saw a blue,  translucent arm connected at the elbow but then the remaining arm was lifted two inches off the surface from the forearm to the wrist.

I touched her energy arm with my physical hand and slowly pushed it down hoping the energy arm would reconnect into the physical arm. 

To my surprise,  the physical and the energetic arms instantly rejoined and she felt the change.  In a few moments the pain she had suffered with for over forty years completely disappeared.  

Only then did she tell me how the injury occurred. When she was fifteen years old she fell off a horse and landed on her arm.  This was the original source of her pain.


Distant Healing

I received a call from a woman who found my name in the phone book.  In a desperate voice she said, "I need your help, I am getting electrical shocks throughout my entire body every ten to fifteen seconds and it is driving me crazy." She made an appointment for the following day.

When she arrived, she told me her story. "I came in from Austin and have been in Houston for over a month searching desperately for a solution to this shocking problem."  As she was telling me her story every ten to fifteen seconds she would almost jump off the chair she was sitting in.

I found her problem on the first visit.  She had a 6 inch gallbladder scar that was 20 years old and the tissue around the scar felt like leather.  Knowing this could be a potential problem, I started doing a particular technique called "recoil release."  Recoil release is designed to release scars and scar tissue very quickly and without any pain. 

I started performing the technique and she started feeling better almost immediately.  After an hour, I had released 75% of the scar and most of the electrical shocking had disappeared.  I asked that she return the next day to continue the treatments. 

The next day, she returned looking and feeling optimistic.  I continued the treatment and at the end of the second session, all of the shocking had disappeared and her leathery skin around the scar felt almost normal. 

Arm Pain

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Frozen Shoulder

A shocking Experience

After helping one of my male clients with chronic back pain he asked if I would see his lady friend who was having severe leg swelling.   

When she arrived, it took her over 5 minutes to climb to the top of the stairs because the swelling in her legs was so severe.

She informed me that the doctors were baffled to the cause of her condition and informed her, she would probably be wheelchair bound within the next few months. 

I checked her system and found that she was allergic to the caffeine in coffee and that her energetic kidneys were getting stopped up, causing the water retention in her legs.  

I did an N.A.E.T treatment, told her to stay away from anything with caffeine and gave her some herbs to assist in the healing of the kidneys.  In one month, her legs were back to normal size.

Needless to say, she was thrilled and overjoyed to be able to walk again normally. 

Two months later, she came in with a most unusual request.  "My six year old grand-baby has "night terror," six to seven days a week and has been suffering with this problem for over 6 months."

The doctors can do nothing and the stress is breaking the family apart, can you help?

An idea instantly popped into my mind.  Do a deep prayer release.  It is my belief that if a person can go into a deep enough meditative or prayer state and hold that intention for long enough time, with strong enough intention and emotion, miracles happen. 

That is just what happened.  In my minds-eye, I saw the little girl very clearly.  I put God's healing light around her and held it there for at least thirty minutes without another thought entering my mind.

I told the grandmother what I had done and to check with her daughter concerning the grandbaby.

One week later she reported that her granddaughter's night terror were no longer troubling her. It stopped the same night that the sacred prayer was performed.  Miracles happen!