• Silva Mind Control - The Silva Method - Meditation, heighten intuition and psychic abilities.

  • Inter-healing Therapy Center - Clinical Hypnotherapy - Releasing destructive thoughts and beliefs.

  • Pranic Healing - Chakra healing & balancing and improving psychic vision. 

  • Norri Method - Off body energetic healing, balancing and repairing outer energy fields and structures.

  • Jennifer's Mystery School. - Detecting and repairing obstructions and anomalies in the energetic fields.

  • Upledger Institute - CranioSacral Therapy 1 & 2 - Releasing restrictions in the Cranial and Spinal System.

  • Upledger Institute - SomatoEmotional Release - Releasing emotional blockages through movement.

  • Ortho-Bionomy - A light touch form of body work to release structural lesions and imbalances.

  • BodyTalk System - Muscle testing technique to release physical and emotional blockages.

  • Lonestar Dowsing - Using devices like pendulum's to detect energetic imbalances. 

  • Remote Viewing - Using psychic abilities to locate lost, hidden or buried objects.


  • MPS Therapy - Using Microcurrent to clear Scar tissue from the body caused from Surgery and Trauma. 

Esoteric Massage Center

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Energetic is everything - Everything is energy!

Most clients have tension or tightness around their necks and/or soreness in the low back area, so they request a Swedish or deep tissue massage.

But sometimes life throws us a curve and problems arise that require more knowledge and skill than just getting another relaxing massage. This is when all my training and experience become priceless.

Below are some of the classes that I have taken so I can effectively address the physical, emotional, energetic blockages and/or restrictions that cause  problems and pain. 

Life is about learning, stretching and moving past the boundaries of our belief system. Becoming more than we think we are, is what makes life worth living and spices up everything. 


Esoteric Massage Center

We are more than our belief's!

Alternative & Holistic Therapies

Disruptive energetic patterns can be the root of many or all physical or emotional problems and pain. 

Once these disruptive patterns are discovered and released, life's challenges and struggles begin to ease and shift towards serenity and  happiness.  

The caption on the top of every page, "We are more than our beliefs" means our core beliefs limit everything we do, say and feel.  We are all stuck in believing we are less than we are and we don't even know it!  Explore your limitless possibilities! 

The caption on the bottom of every page, "Energy is everything, Everything is energy," means if a healer or anyone has enough focus, concentration and energy, normal reality can bend and/or change, instantly.  I have personally seen this happen many times.

Life is magical and it is meant to be magical!