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Recommendations for better health

    Enviromental pollutants - Detox regularly.

‚ÄčAllergies - N.A.E.T and/or diet control.

Food - Eat organic food whenever possible.

Work - Change your work to something you love.

Traffic - Take deep breaths with a smile.

Politics - Have faith that things will work out.

Family - Loving energy, thoughts and words are contagious, spread the love!

Love - Express love every chance you get without expectations. 

Aging - Move into a spiritual life with peace and joy.

Childhood - Release past issues and traumas with hypnosis.

Computers - Get a massage and experience energy balancing.  It is truly magical!

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Energy is everything - Everything is energy!

Stress comes from all areas of life; enviromental pollutants, allergies, food, work, traffic, politics, family, love, aging, childhood traumas and even computers.

How well we handle stress is one of the principal ways of staying healthy throughout life.

Massage is today's most popular way of relieving and/or controlling stress.  But is it enough? 

Life lends us wisdom if we live long enough and if we learn to live without blame.

Training in the healing arts gives us knowledge.  Knowledge of the healing arts with a loving, open heart can heal. 

Hope and faith will energize life's journey.  No matter how difficult life seems, never lose hope and never lose faith. 

Live life through your imagination, not from your memories! 

There are three healing levels listed below which best determine the client's needs, wants and desires

Basic, Advanced or Esoteric Massage

Basic Massage: is for deep relaxation, better circulation and an overall feeling of bliss.  This may include Swedish and/or Deep Tissue techniques.  Time of Session: One hour,  or one and one-half hours.

Advanced Massage: is Basic Massage plus structural balancing using advanced techniques release deep muscular restrictions throughout the body.  These techniques may include: Ortho-Bionomy and Strain Counter/Strain techniques to balance skeletal structures,  CranioSacral Therapy to release restrictions, anomalies and lesion and to balance the Cranial and/or Spinal Systems, or Lymphatic Massage to release and drain blocked lymph flow.  Time of Session: One and one-half hours. 

Esoteric Massage: is Basic Massage plus Advanced Massage plus detection, repair and balancing of anomalies, blockages and/or discrepancies of Meridians, Channels, Chakra's and Outer-Field Structures. Time-line therapy is used to release emotional trauma from childhood and/or past-lives.  Muscle testing (Kinesiology) is used to detect energetic imbalances.  Time of Session: one and one-half hours.

Basic Massage is one of the most popular therapies designed to help relieve stress, tension or tight muscles. Basic Massage uses Swedish massage, movement, heat and deep tissue techniques.  Results include deep relaxation of muscles, increased circulation throughout the body and a feeling of bliss.

Advance Massage is for individuals suffering with chronic and acute pain.  CranioSacral therapy, Strain Counter/Strain, Ortho Bionomy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Massage and/or Structural Unwinding will be used to treat maladies such as headaches, whiplash, TMJ clicking, tightness or pain, neck stiffness or pain, backaches or reduced structural mobility, frozen shoulder, rib misalignment and pain, or hip or knee pain.

Esoteric Massage is for the individual that has tried everything else and has achieved only limited results. Esoteric massage encompasses basic and advance techniques plus detection, release and balancing of the energetic system.  Esoteric massage uses a variety of energetic techniques such as Matrix Energetic, Pranic Healing, Norri Method, N.A.E.T or Time-Line Healing to detect energetic imbalances such as, blocked meridians or channels, chakra weakening or outer-field distortions.  Energetic healing helps release physical, emotional and  spiritual traumas or imbalances.  


After a session, resting the body and mind is preferred.  Do not pick up anything heavy for the rest of the day or as instructed by therapist.  Do not go to the gym or out drinking.  Go home and rest,  Your body requires time to adapt to being out of pain.